Interview Skills

What is an INTERVIEW?


Interview is a structured meeting between two individuals or groups. It's a meeting to discuss and know each other. The two parties meet at a place and at a particular time, as decided mutually. One of the parties is an interviewee (the person or the party who undergoes the interview) and the other is an interviewer (the person or the party who conducts the interview). 

Mostly interviews are conducted to adjudge the capabilities and readiness of a person to be absorbed into an organisation and to be entrusted with some duties and responsibilities of that organisation. 

As a reward to this the organisation will be offering attractive compensations to those who are selected as employed. 

The person who undergoes the interview proves his worth and calibre and convinces himself that the organisation and the post to which he is going to be hired into is worthy of spending his time for the offered compensation package. 

Getting a proper placement is the lookout of any professional like you. So in order to get picked up by noted companies one has to prove his capabilities before the company authorities. And after getting the job he has to continuously prove that he is a capable hand. Thus he can win higher positions in that company.

The first step so to launch yourself on a successful career is to face an interview successfully

This website is designed to help you acquire the required skills to face an interview successfully and to help you emerge successful in your career or life as such. 

Prepare and plan well, practice it continuously. Practice makes you perfect.




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